Gates at Carlson Parkway - Paper thin walls


The walls at the gates are a mix of paper mache and balsa wood, I could hear every word my neighbors said and couldn't sleep until they moved out.They fought like cats and dogs with door slamming f-bomb laced arguments at 3AM.

New years day the doorways were littered with puke from residents partying the night before who have apparently couldn't make it to a toilet. My AC went out during the summer and it was 87 degrees is my apartment for a week. Had to call the fire department because someone down the hall was cooking on the stove while they weren't home, not a good idea, and they had to knock the door in and put out the fire. The patio is infested with barnswallows, bees and mice.

My apartment was searched without 24 hours notice after I checked the 'unhappy with the property' box after not renewing my lease.An F'n dump all around

Review about: The Gates.

Gates at Carlson Parkway - Fradulent Charges,, Poor Customer Service


Charging for fees long after moved out. Poor Customer Service... Eric especially.

Records do not reflect accurate payments.

Send you to collection agency for 10cents or less.

Recorded items broken when in fact had a clean walk through.

Management does not communicate.

Sent an eviction notice when in fact it was paid.

Management takes days to return phone call if ever.

Gates sent items to collection agency that are inaccurate resulting in hours of time loss to correct. Fraudulent added someone to lease document. Flat out makes up things as it goes without regard to person. These people must be stopped.

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